Spark Silly Creations Sketchbook + Notebook + Writing and Drawing Prompts.

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(3.5 stars) • 10 reviews

Spark Silly Creations is an all-in-one sketchbook and notebook with random drawing and story prompt combinations that stretch your imagination to make extraordinary creations for endless hours of silly, creative fun!

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Use Spark Silly's (6) nostalgic interactive Fortune Teller pages or (4) Wheel of Words pages (inside the book) to randomly pick three or more words to use as elements in your creation. Let your imagination flow!

Having a few bits of criteria to work with will stretch your imagination and lead to creative problem-solving!

Includes (80) sketch sheets to draw your creations. Each page has lines on the back for writing stories to accompany your drawings. Add anything to the illustration and stories to make it a masterpiece, or just noodle and doodle – whatever your mood desires!

You have creative freedom! There are no right or wrong answers, and the possibilities are endless. Use your randomly picked words to weave together an image and related story in any style and level of detail you desire.

Your creation will likely be much different than someone else's (even with the exact words!), which makes it so much fun! With 10+ ways to play, this is a great activity on your own, with a few friends, or in a large group.


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